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Professional Bridal Care

Your wedding is the most auspicious day of your life. Being the centre of attention, every bride wants to look her absolute best, glowing with radiance! There will be more pictures taken of you on your wedding day than any other day of your life (no pressure!). We've got all the bridal beauty tips you need to look your best on your ... More

Bridal Makeup

We pay attention to every aspect of your wedding look and create a personalized bridal package to suit your requirements. We offer a bridal trial before the big day, try different products to carefully craft the look that you desire for every occasion – be it the Mehendi, Sangeeth, Cocktail, Wedding or Reception. We also cater for ... More

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Highlighting and Contouring

Many of us think that the perfect face is only attainable with plastic surgery and/or a full glam squad in tow, but we have a secret: highlighting and contouring. The mysterious magic that gives every celebrity fabulous bone structure is actually an attainable trick that brings out your best features while diminishing your least favorite. ... More

Smoky Eyes and Nude Lips

  The eyes are important thing when you connect with someone and they are first thing that grows attention. I believe, you have already seen some girl with an amazing eyes who impressed you with her look. And I believe you noticed that the eyes are very important to make a glamorous and feminist impression. There are some differ... More

Finalist 2014

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